30-Minute Express Teeth Whitening

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When you’re smiling … the whole world smiles with you …

LaserLight’s White Brilliance™ 30-minute Express Teeth Whitening system revolutionizes the current teeth whitening marketplace.  Our clients can now cosmetically enhance the whiteness of their teeth, within a matter of minutes. Finally, there is no need to use home self-whitening strips that hardly work, no messy trays and expensive gel kits that take weeks before seeing results, no need to set lengthy dental appointments — and the cost is less than half of what you would expect to pay at a dental office to achieve the same results!

Clients will enjoy this simple, self-managed procedure.  It’s quick, safe and easy to do.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved, or cleared, LaserLight’s White Brilliance™ 30-minute Express Teeth Whitening system for market to the dentistry industry.  Dentists may use this same system, and they may charge two to three times what LaserLight charges.  This system is one of the few on the market that have the very important FDA approval to market:  FDA later determined that LED bleaching procedures and gel products being used by the dentist did not change the structure of the teeth, or cause any damage to the enamel.  As a result, many of the systems used in the cosmetic industry did not undergo the rigorous testing for safety and effectiveness that precedes FDA approval.

Frequently Asked Questions