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Cost Analysis/Return on Investment (ROI)

Shaving is free, right?  Waxing and electrolysis certainly cost less than laser treatments, right?

WRONG!  When adding up the costs of razors and shaving cream over time, when multiplying the cost of the many electrolysis treatments that remove one hair at a time, or the life-long waxing that you will have to do, it does not take long to exceed the costs of a series of laser treatments.  Factor in an hourly rate for your time, and it’s a no-brainer:  laser saves you money, lots of money!   

Come in for a no-obligation cost analysis, using our proprietary ‘En-Lighten Me’ worksheet. (And remember:  whenever you compare costs for other hair removal methods, with the exception of electrolysis, laser hair removal will last forever, while you must continue to spend money on the other methods.)

To give a fair breakdown of the return on investment for laser hair removal, we’ve compiled an estimated price comparison chart (below), which displays the annual cost and number of visits required for removing hair using hair removal lasers, electrolysis, waxing, and shaving, respectively. The chart also extrapolates the price of those methods over a five-year span. You should also keep in mind that electrolysis and laser hair removal costs vary by geographic area, and by practitioner. To get more precise costs where you live, request a few complimentary consultations at a sampling of providers in your area.

Body Part

Laser Hair Removal




  TImes / Year $/Year $/5 years Times/ Year $/Year $/5 years Times/ Year $/Year $/5 years Times/ Year $/Year $/5 years
Upper lip







































Electrolysis is permanent, so it may not require a full five years.
The numbers for electrolysis for facial hair removal are based on a rate of $40 per session for two years.
The numbers for electrolysis for leg and back electrolysis are based on 3 years of treatment.

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Benefits and How it Works | Frequently Asked Question