Popular Laser Treatment For Men

Popular Laser Treatment For Men

hair removal for menYou know you’ve still got it:   the energy and the drive of a 28-year-old. Only now you are an experienced, but not-yet-ready-to-retire 40- or 50-something, with considerably more wisdom than your younger counterparts in the workplace.

But lately, broken capillaries or irregular brown spots- unflatteringly called age spots or liver spots – have appeared on your hands and face, making you look older than you feel. You wonder if your superiors would view your value more positively if you could take off a few of those years by improving some of those skin imperfections.
Or maybe you are seeking love at this later stage of your life. You know that your self-confidence (and thus attractiveness) will improve if you could just get rid of those age-betraying spots, or that excess hair where you do not want it.

LaserLight’s most popular services for the more mature man include:

  • Photorejuvenation, to remove the age-related and sun damaged brown or red blotches from your hands, face and neck
  • Hair removal from razor-sensitive areas, such as your neck
  • Hair removal from your nose or ears
  • Hair removal from your shoulders, neck or back
  • Removal of cherry angiomas, or hemangiomas, and skin tags
  • Hair removal from your lower abdomen, lower back, or bathing suit line
  • Reduction of acne scars
  • Reduction of rosacea

skin rejuvenation for men(NOTE: gray or white hair may not respond to laser treatment. Do not delay — call to schedule an always free evaluation of your specific skin and hair situation.)