Laser For Men

For Men Only

skin care for menAre you looking for a competitive edge? Have you been thinking about getting rid of some your annoying skin imperfections, to improve your appearance when competing in the workplace or on the social scene?

Why not remove excess body hair, to really show off the results of all that body building and toning you have been doing in the gym?

Come to LaserLight Skin Clinic. We are not a doctor’s office, nor are we an overly feminine spa. At LaserLight, no matter what your age or skin issue, you will feel welcome and comfortable. We can treat your uniquely masculine skin to achieve the best look possible. That is our Skin-Side Out Promise: to help you to look your best, from the Skin-Side Out!
Our more popular services for younger men include:

  • Hair removal for your back, chest, shoulders, arms and abdomen – virtually any body part with unwanted or unsightly hair growth.
  • Hair removal for the bathing suit line (around the upper thighs and lower abdomen and back).
  • Hair removal from your nose or ears.
  • Cyclist’s Brazilian (full or partial), to eliminate painful ingrown hairs.
  • Hair removal from the back of your neck, or from the neck area below your jaw line where daily shaving may leave cuts or razor burns.
  • Acne reduction
  • Reduction of rosacea, or facial flushing

South of Boston laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation for menYou know you’ve still got it:   the energy and the drive of a 28-year-old. Only now you are an experienced, but not-yet-ready-to-retire 40- or 50-something, with considerably more wisdom than your younger counterparts in the workplace.

But lately, broken capillaries or irregular brown spots- unflatteringly called age spots or liver spots – have appeared on your hands and face, making you look older than you feel. You wonder if your superiors would view your value more positively if you could take off a few of those years by improving some of those skin imperfections.
Or maybe you are seeking love at this later stage of your life. You know that your self-confidence (and thus attractiveness) will improve if you could just get rid of those age-betraying spots, or that excess hair where you do not want it.

LaserLight’s most popular services for the more mature man include:

  • Photorejuvenation, to remove the age-related and sun damaged brown or red blotches from your hands, face and neck
  • Hair removal from razor-sensitive areas, such as your neck
  • Hair removal from your nose or ears
  • Hair removal from your shoulders, neck or back
  • Removal of cherry angiomas, or hemangiomas, and skin tags
  • Hair removal from your lower abdomen, lower back, or bathing suit line
  • Reduction of acne scars
  • Reduction of rosacea

skin rejuvenation for men(NOTE: gray or white hair may not respond to laser treatment. Do not delay — call to schedule an always free evaluation of your specific skin and hair situation.)