Love is in the air –
but you don’t have to wait for someone else to get you what you REALLY want.


Be your own Valentine with our special BOGO offer:
buy one laser treatment, get 50% off a second.


Offer ends February 28th. Call 781-871-2224 for details.
Other offers, prizes and discounts may not apply.

Valentine's laser BOGO promotion




From now until the end of February, you can earn TWO $50 Referral Credits
for every new person you care enough about to refer to LaserLight
(and who becomes a paying client – minimum $100) for laser hair removal!


Help her or him to get rid of unwanted hair that come June,
will likely make them proud of their appearance!


You can share one referral credit with the “Valentine” whom you refer,
or you can keep both referral credits (total $100) to use for yourself on two separate treatments.
(Think of it as your own Valentine gift to yourself!)

double referral promotion




Does Your Neck Complement Your Face?


For the month of February, we will give you 30 percent off on up to two treatments
that you purchase for such an “adjacent” area, to make it look more like it complements
the area on which you have already made improvements.


When you improve one area of your skin, don’t forget to consider the same treatment on the areas
adjacent to it
. (In the Before-and-After photo below, you can see that while the patient’s face improved
with laser treatment, her neck, which was not treated, looks the same after as it did before.)

The same applies to laser hair removal. One newly single man came in years ago for thick, back hair removal.
It worked very well, and he was very happy … until his young adult son commented that it “looked a little funny”
that adjacent to his nearly clear back, his arms and shoulders still sported thick, dark hair. In this case, we performed
a few hair removal treatments on those areas, to thin it out out and give his body a much more congruent look.

If you are looking in the mirror and seeing a similar situation, why not come in for a consultation,
to determine the best way for us to give you an overall consistent look?

Please call for details: 781-871-2224.

before and after



Welcome, CalliLash!


CalliLash offer

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to have long, thick lashes, without the frustration
and mess of applying gobs of dense mascara, now you can get them at LaserLight!

CalliLash, owned and operated by Calli Georgiou as a separate entity within the LaserLight facility,
has begun accepting new clients. Certified in the art of of eyelash extensions, Calli’s services
also include “fills” that you may periodically need to keep your eyelashes looking full and healthy.

Calli takes pride in maintaining a high standard of hygiene and professional application,
as well as in using proper technique. She consults with every client to help determine
what length, curl, and shape would best suit the client’s eyes, taking into consideration
both her style preference and the current health of her natural eyelashes.”



Do you still have unused LaserLight gift certificates raffle prizes,
or Living Social vouchers?

and for a limited time, maybe more!

This summer, two people cashed in, one qualifying for about
20 percent more than the paid value, and another
for an additional 25 percent of the paid value.
(Click here to read more of Joan’s and Lisa’s stories.)

Call 781-871-2224 to see what your aging vouchers and Gift Certificates
are worth at LaserLight! Value-add offer ends October 15th



Summer’s over — time to get rid of the skin damage!
Get rid of the brown spots!
Even out the texture and tone on your face, chest,
receding hairline! Brighten up your skin!
Call LaserLight now to schedule your appointment
for skin rejuvenation: 781-871-2224.




You voted us the Best, now use our expertise to give your skin
the hair-free, worry-free smoothness 
that only laser hair removal
performed by a Certified Laser Technician can!

Voted Best Laser Hair Removal Hingham/Norwell/Hanover – Four Years Running!
Voted 2016 Best Laser Skin Rejuvenation Hingham/Norwell/Hanover – First in This New Category!  Now for two consecutive years!