Now Booking Appointments in August
for Laser Hair Removal

Q1: Can you get laser hair removal in the summer?

A: YES — if you choose the right laser! At LaserLight, you will find one of the few lasers
that treats tanned skin safely. We have been doing hair removal on slight to moderately
tanned skin for more than 10 years!

Q2: Can you go in the sun after laser hair removal?

A: YES — after waiting 24-48 hours after your treatment.  While we understand that
people on and around the South Shore like to look tanned for the season, we strongly
recommend using a sunblock of SPF-45 and limiting your sun exposure between 10am
and 3pm.  Not only will you increase protection for your skin from the harsh damage
that the sun can do — you will be less wrinkly and look more youthful as you age!

Recommendation from a long-time client:  Use a sun-less tanning cream for your color!
There are good ones out there that look very natural.

Q3: Is laser hair removal wicked expensive?

A: Depends on what you consider “wicked expensive.”  We offer laser hair removal
treatments that probably cost about the same as the bathing suit or the little sundress
that you bought to keep cool in during the hot weather.  Even better, the hair we remove
will be gone for good!

Call NOW for details, and to reserve the earliest appointment available!

Be CALM and LASER this summer.
If you are a girl or woman in need of laser hair removal services to complete your
transition, please consider LaserLight for our sensitive, confidential and
effective laser services.



Free Laser Treatment with Purchases in July!

1. Buy any 4-treatment Laser Hair Removal package, and get a FREE SKIN
REJUVENATION treatment to even the texture and tone of your skin, and to remove
imperfections such as brown spots, small capillaries, scars and wrinkles.

Free treatment value:  $50 – $100

2. Buy a Laser Skin Rejuvenation Package or Single treatment exceeding $250*, and
get a FREE LASER HAIR REMOVAL treatment on a small area (such as upper lip or
chin, lower abdomen center strip, neck, underarms, or toes)

Free treatment value:  $50 – $150



*Purchase of a series of “spot” treatments does not qualify for free treatment.  Offers
cannot be combined with other discounts, promotions, coupons or non-purchased gift
certificates.  Purchases must be made by July 31, 2017, and services must be
used by September 15th.


Hey, Graduates —  and All Students
Heading to College in the Fall!

Anticipating that many of you will be out of the area starting in mid-August,
we reserved a number of appointments in July and August for you to use your
LaserLight Gift Certificates.  Act now — don’t miss out!  If you book in the next
few days, there is enough time for you to get one or two more
Laser Treatments before you go off to college.

 Don’t wait!  Call now to reserve 
your appointment:  781-871-2224

Mention this ad/newsletter, and we will extend our graduation specials to you through
August 31st!  Find them on the Specials Page on Our Website.


Now Booking Appointments for Laser

Skin Rejuvenation in September





Wishing for a more even texture and tone for your skin?
(Got a wedding or other special event coming up?)

This is a great time of year for it!

In this series of un-retouched photos, one of LaserLight’s now VERY happy clients
shows how in just one week a single photofacial transformed her face.


She came to us with moderate sun damage that had left diffuse discoloration
throughout the skin on her face, and with a number of brown, pigmented spots of
varying sizes.  She even had a few red areas on her face.

Immediately following her 30-minute photofacial with LaserLight’s state-of-the-art
Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) laser, each of those spots darkened — meaning that they had
absorbed an adequate amount of light to effectively begin the process of ridding her
skin of the damage.  Over the next one to two weeks, those spots got progressively
lighter until they lifted off the surface.  (Note:  she used cover-up to tone down the
appearance of the darkened spots whenever she felt it necessary.)

She will experience a long-lasting result as long as she wears her sunscreen.  She will
undergo a similar treatment on her upper chest area as well, giving her a lovely look for
her son’s wedding in May!

Call us for details on how YOU, TOO can see remarkable improvements to your skin —
and for a limited time for 30% off our already reasonable prices!

Results may vary, and additional treatments may be required to achieve your optimal
results.  Offer ends May 15th.  Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

Call for details:  781-871-2224

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