Earned Treatment Programs

Distinctive Programs Offered Only at LaserLight

Earned Treatment Programs

Earn Free Hair Removal or Skin Rejuvenation Services at LaserLightTo start earning credits toward future treatments, all you have to do is brag about how good you look and feel as a result of your LaserLight skin treatments!

Inspire your friends, family members, co-workers — anyone in your social or business circles — to come in for their first treatment at LaserLight.   You will get $50 re-loaded onto your LaserLight earned treatment card when you next come in for your own treatment. And the best thing — there is no limit to how many Earned Treatment credits you can receive! For example, refer 10 new clients, and get $500 worth of treatments for yourself.

What might that mean for you?

  • How about a free photofacial, or back hair removal?
  • Referring 10 friends or associates can mean a bikini line hair removal treatment, or multiple treatments to remove that pesky toe hair or ear hair for you.
  • Referring even two people can mean a treatment to get rid of those brown age spots on your hands!

You may also start your Earned Treatment Credits by attending one of our on-site LaserLight Information Sessions – at your local gym, condominium recreation center, or other venue.   Click here for details!

Note: the $50 earned treatment credit will be applied after the newly referred client has paid for one or more services.   A new client referral will be credited to only one existing LaserLight client, whom the new client names when s/he books an appointment.

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