Still Following CDC Guidelines: Mask + Distance + Sanitizing

social distancing


• We sanitize before and after each visitor to LaserLight.
• We wear masks, and maintain our own health by observing strict quarantine and social distancing in our personal lives.
• We routinely allow only one person in the facility at a time.
• We provide you with hand sanitizer to use while here.


• Announce your arrival: call from the parking lot.
• Wear a mask, except for the time when actually having your face treated.
• Keep yourself safe and healthy when not at LaserLight: routinely mask up, avoid large gatherings, keep your social distance, and follow CDC guidelines.

Laser Treatment of the Season: Hair Removal

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you hope to spend more time this year at the pool or beach?
2. Will you wear shorts, tank tops or other styles that reveal areas of your body where you have unwanted hair?
3. Are you tired of shaving, waxing or tweezing, and would you love to have smooth, hair-free skin?
4. Do you expect Covid restrictions to relax soon due to vaccinations?
5. Would it lift your spirits to do something wonderful for your skin?

If you answered “YES” to any one of these questions, then you are an excellent candidate for laser hair removal, our most sought-after treatment this time of year!


• Safe, comfortable treatments using the most effective laser on the market;
• Award-winning, expert care to get you hair free where you want to be, FAST; and
• By the 4th of July or even Memorial Day, see a significant reduction in the amount and the coarseness of the unwanted hair that you have now!

Ask how you can accelerate your hair removal process to be ready when your friends call with the invitation, “The pool’s open and the water is fine. Come on over!”

Call today for details and an appointment: 781-871-2224.


We Have Moved! We Think You Will Love Our New Home!

Here comes the sun! We used the dreary winter to reposition LaserLight to better meet your needs to greet the warmth — which included a new, welcoming location. We nicknamed this undertaking “LaserLight Next-Gen.” 🙂

We haven’t gone far — just 1/4 mile south (from the original LaserLight, heading toward Hanover) on Route 53 to a sweet office park called 80 Washington Square. You may recognize it as the beautifully landscaped group of Cape Cod-style, greyish-blue buildings, tucked in among CVS, Eastern Bank, Petrocelli Insurance Adjusters, Alfred Aiello’s and Taco Bell.

Call for an appointment, or even just a tour — I would love to show you around!

Easy, inside-the-office-park directions!

The Next-Gen LaserLight might be a little hard to find. You can use GPS to get to the office park, but GPS will not help you to find the LaserLight unit: D23R. We posted easy, turn-by-turn directions on our website to help you to navigate within the park. Take these two steps to get to LaserLight:

1. GPS: type in 80 Washington STREET (not “Square”).
2. For D23R, the LaserLight entrance, copy and paste or print directions from our website:

Link to map and driving directions

New Client Entry Instructions in Post COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19While we have taken a number of new steps to minimize an inadvertent exposure of our clients and ourselves while at the LaserLight facility, you, too can take a number of steps to likewise keep all of us as safe as possible.

We compiled the following list of instructions for you to follow even before you get into the treatment room — some even before you enter the facility.

The five primary objectives for these new instructions and guidelines include:
Limit the time spent in the facility. Limit interpersonal/close contact. Maintain social distancing. Provide extra time for enhanced sanitization between clients. Avoid altogether the chance of transferring the virus if you or we have symptoms.

These instructions come from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Mandatory Safety Standards for the Workplace, as well as the Reopening Massachusetts Guidelines, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and other federal, state and local regulations and best practices. Specifically:

1. Make an appointment in advance. Sometimes we can get you in on the same day, but we also need additional time after each client to sanitize before we can allow the next person to come inside.
2. Stay home if you don’t feel well on the day of your appointment! Call to let us know, and we will be very happy to reschedule your appointment when it is safe to treat you.
3. Wear a mask or other effective face covering. If your treatment is going to be on your face and you have to remove your mask, we will take additional steps to protect both of us.
4. The door will be locked when you arrive. To maintain social distancing and to limit to two the number of people who can be in the facility at any given time, we cannot allow people to wait inside. (Some exceptions may apply.)
5. Call us from your car or from the parking lot to let us know that you are here for your appointment. As soon as we have finished re-sanitizing after treating the client previous to you, we will call you and open the door for you.
6. Bring as little as possible into the facility, but bring your favorite sunscreen. On most days you can leave your coat in the car, and you can pre-write a check or bring cash. Although we will process a credit card (which you don’t need a purse to carry it), it increases the time and the surface touches that you make.
7. Once inside the doorway, we will provide you with hand sanitizer and escort you into the treatment room. You may bring unused PPE gloves if you feel the need to do so, but you will need to discard them. We will have gloves that we can give you.
8. At each visit we will ask you to complete and sign a healthcare checklist to confirm that you have been following the safety standards shown to prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as social distancing, frequent handwashing, wearing face coverings, and so forth.
9. Remember that your safety and stopping the spread of the COVID-19 constitute the most important reasons for these cumbersome sounding instructions. However, also remember why you have chosen LaserLight in the first place: summer and the parties will eventually resume, and you want laser services from the place that makes the extra effort to give you the expert hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments to look your very best!

Click here to download these client entry guidelines.

Mandatory Safety Practices for Workplaces: New Details for Your Safety

coronavirusTo give you an idea of what to expect, here are the requirements and what we are planning to do to meet them:


  • The six-foot rule takes precedence both inside and outside the facility, but during your treatment your treatment provider will wear a mask and face shield to achieve distancing.
  • We have changed the traffic pattern inside the facility, and eliminated some of the furniture.
  • Signs posted on the windows and inside the facility remind all of us of the rules designed to keep everyone safe until the day we have treatments to bio-distance us all from this insipid virus.
  • Requirement for both you and me to wear face coverings to maximize protection for one another. We increased our supply and type of PPE and sanitizing agents. We will make some items available as necessary to accommodate our clients who do not have access to gloves and masks.
  • Except in very rare cases and with pre-approval required, there will never be more than two people in the facility at the same time, further reducing the chances of inadvertent exposure to the virus.


  • We have provided hand sanitizing capability throughout the facility: immediately upon entering, inside the Treatment Room to which you go upon entering, and in the restroom.
  • Our protocols have always required frequent handwashing by employees (me), and a client if inadvertent actions require it.
  • Using approved medical-cleaning supplies, we have always provided regular sanitization of high-touch surfaces such as those in the Treatment Room, bathroom, and for equipment, touchscreens, doorknobs and more. We will now do so even more frequently. We have additionally reduced the number of surfaces that individuals may touch while inside LaserLight. (Watch for our virtual tour, to be posted on LaserLight’s Facebook page soon!)


  • We have self-trained and consulted with medical personnel with expertise in distancing and hygiene protocols, and will continue to keep abreast of any changes that may be instituted by Federal, state and municipal requirements.
  • Should any LaserLight employee, client or other individual display COVID-19 symptoms or test positive for the virus, we will not allow them to enter the facility.
  • We will require all individuals scheduled to use the facility to first complete a checklist assessment for COVID-19 exposure.


  • We have reviewed, updated and will maintain sanitization and cleaning protocols specific to the LaserLight type of business.
  • We developed additional procedures to perform an immediate, deeper cleaning of the facility, should someone diagnosed or recently exposed to the virus inadvertently enter the facility. We will compassionately advise them to exit the premises to take appropriate steps for the safety of all.
  • Disinfection of all common surfaces will be conducted at intervals appropriate to LaserLight, its staff and clientele.

Important Information Regarding COVID-19 / Corona Virus Management at LaserLight


Please Read This for Your Peace of Mind and Safety

Owner’s message to LaserLight Clients

coronavirusOver the past few days I have been consulting with clients, LaserLight’s Board of Advisors, and other local business leaders relative to how our clients may be impacted by the public health crisis created by the Covid-19/Corona virus.

We are monitoring the health channels and following the Covid-19 status as it unfolds. We follow the guidelines put forth by the Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control for hygiene, handwashing and preventative measures, which includes social distancing. As you know, LaserLight is a low traffic area with clients getting scheduled only one at a time, thus allotting cleaning time before and after each client.

This newsletter outlines what we are doing at LaserLight to protect you and all personnel who enter our premises. It also provides links to additional information that you may find helpful in maintaining your own health and safety — including a valuable source of information from the nutrition team of one of our business allies about how to boost your immune system in general.

Some of the questions you may find answered in this post include:

•  Will LaserLight remain open during this period of “state of emergency”?
•  What steps will LLSC be taking to protect me if I decide to come in for a laser treatment?
•  Will I be required to do anything different when I visit LLSC?
•  How can I be sure that LLSC will protect me from the Covid-19 virus while I am there?
•  Does the LLSC staff take any additional precautions to shield themselves from the virus?

The Basics: Continuing Preventative Measures

Since opening our doors to the public more than 13 years ago, LaserLight has operated according to and sometimes above requirements for cleanliness. Long before deadly outbreaks of virus or other diseases, we have implemented frequent wipe-downs of all client-contacting surfaces and equipment, using a cleaning agent identified as having “virucidal, bactericidal, tuberculocidal and fungicidal” properties. During this time of unprecedented protective steps for public health and safety, we have since added to our list of surfaces to clean all door knobs, door casings and other surfaces that clients may contact.

You can help yourself by cleaning surfaces that you contact and washing your hands frequently before you even get to LaserLight.

As further self-protection, I will continue to wash my hands between clients, cough into my sleeve if coughing starts, and wash my hands even more frequently. In the past few weeks I have not been outside Plymouth County, further indication that I have limited my exposure. I will wear gloves during your treatment.

We encourage our clients to maintain and even improve their own strong immune system. As a 12-year Business Alliance Member with The Weymouth Club, LaserLight benefits from some of their resources to help you, including a brief Nutrition and Immune System Information compiled by their dieticians.

Many of you have a history of proactive communication with LaserLight. When you have had concerns, you called, Emailed or texted me. Especially now, when we have found a good amount of incorrect information out there, don’t simply react to or spread a rumor or word-of-mouth that you’ve “heard something.” Let’s connect and review it together.

Guidelines if you are ‘not feeling great’ on the day of your laser treatment

First and foremost, we cannot guarantee that we can protect anyone entirely from getting this virus, or any other sickness for that matter. Hopefully the information in this newsletter will give you a level of confidence in what preventative steps we are taking on your behalf while you are at LaserLight; but ultimately no one can absolutely guarantee that if you do everything that authorities recommend, you will remain virus free or illness free.

If you are not feeling well, please call us a few hours before your appointment to discuss your symptoms and whether or not, or when, it would be a good idea to come in for your treatment.

At minimum, when you come to LaserLight we will ask you to wash your hands, and I will have washed mine and will wear gloves. Under the protection of confidentiality that the HIPPA regulation affords you, we will expect to ask you if you have had any of the symptoms that have been connected to a Covid-19 infection. We may ask if you have been tested, and if yes, we will ask further if your test results were negative for Covid-19. We may have to decline to treat you.

We’re coming up on allergy season. For your own safety as well as the safety of others who may visit LaserLight, it’s important to know the following relative to various symptoms of a cold/allergy versus flu/coronavirus:

Cold or allergies: itchy eyes, stuffy nose, sneezing
Flu or coronavirus: fever, fatigue, body aches, cough, worsening symptoms
Coronavirus (additional symptoms): shortness of breath, recent travel, suspected exposure

Please note that I am prone to allergies at this time of year, and my most frequent symptom is a dry cough. Rest assured that if at any time I suspect that I have had a viral exposure, I will put your needs first and let you know about it. If you’re not feeling well and not sure if you should come in for your treatment, reach out to me to discuss the information below about what you and I should consider in this situation. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to come in belongs to both you and me: please let me know if you decide not to keep your appointment.

Quarantine, required to work from home, state-of-emergency, mandated closure

Understand there’s a difference between “quarantined” and “required to work from home.” You may see or hear of other clients being here during a time when they would ordinarily be at work. Do not assume it to mean they’re “quarantined.” They may have been allowed or even ordered to work from home to maximize the benefit of social distancing, and may be simply taking advantage of a more flexible work schedule to get their laser treatment. Voice your concerns to me or to them: don’t turn to others and whisper concerns that just might become baseless, hurtful rumors. Certainly consult your own healthcare resources.

What does it mean when the governor declares a “state of emergency”? It grants the Governor and other state officials the power to protect the Commonwealth. It does not automatically mean that schools, businesses and government offices are closed. The Governor may issue executive orders that need to be treated as law. It also allows for the legislature to vote on potential disaster assistance funding and may give the Commonwealth access to federal funds. As for the current state of emergency, its messaging is to increase our awareness about being and remaining healthy as individuals and as a community.

One of the chief tools to stop or reduce the transmission of the highly contagious Covid-19 virus is the management of “social distancing,” or keeping at least six feet away from others. For now, it is voluntary, but at any time that the facts warrant it, authorities such as the governor can mandate closure of specific events, businesses, and other situations when lots of people may come in close contact. Unless the state or the town of Norwell mandates us to close, we will remain open and operating. We can act as a support system for our community!

We all need to be informed and kept in the loop of the latest information:

The following two links address important facts to know about the Covid-19 virus and possible misunderstandings during sensitive times like this. We encourage you to search for and follow the latest, most authoritatively sound guidelines that you can find, and we welcome you to share them with us.

LaserLight Vouchers, Gift Certificates, and Raffle Prizes

Even if they are old, you may still use them.*

gift certificatesDo you have any LaserLight gift certificates lying around, that maybe you won in a raffle, or someone purchased for you? Do you have any Living Social vouchers that you neglected to use before they expired?

Lisa J.’s (name changed to protect her privacy) husband bought her a LaserLight Gift Certificate nearly 10 years ago for her birthday. He paid $100 for it, and it was during our Enhanced GC Program so we had added $25 to its redemption value.

She tucked it away for future use, went on with her life which included the births of their three children, and it languished. Two months ago, Lisa called me and asked if by any chance LaserLight would honor it.

Coincidentally, a woman named Joan pulled out a voucher she had bought in 2012 from Living Social to get 65 percent off one of our most popular treatments. Clearly beyond expiration on the “deal,” as she was about to throw it away, she called to see if it was still valid for at least the value she paid. “LaserLight said ‘yes’!” Joan said.

“We also gave Joan a little more off the cost of the treatment, so she did end up getting a deal. Likewise in Lisa’s case, we allowed her to use the additional $25 on her Gift Certificate,” said Patty, LaserLight’s owner and Certified Laser Technician. “Full disclosure, Massachusetts law requires that merchants honor the value paid, even after so-called expiration. But we honor both purchased gift certificates, as well as gift certificates that were won in the fundraising raffles and auctions that we donate to, because it’s the right thing to do.”

If you have any LaserLight gift certificates lying around, or vouchers that you neglected to use before they expired, DON’T THROW THEM AWAY! For a limited time, we are declaring amnesty, and WE WILL HONOR THEIR PAID VALUE — PLUS* at least 20%!

Call now to schedule an appointment to see what your aging vouchers and Gift Certificates are worth at LaserLight! The value-add offer ends October 15th.

* Additional amount may not apply to silent auction items purchased. You must present the original, and/or proof of purchase. Copies, either electronic or paper, will not be honored. Other restrictions may apply. Call for details.

Three Myths about Laser in Summer

NOTE: the following information applies to most skin types, although it may not apply to all. For a determination about laser use on your specific skin, schedule a no-charge skin evaluation with an experienced, qualified Certified Laser Technician at LaserLight.

MYTH #1: You cannot get Laser Hair Removal when you have a tan.

RESPONSE: The state-of-the-art lasers that LaserLight uses have been designed to “by-pass” the pigment in the skin, and to instead target the hair below the surface.

MYTH #2: There is no way of knowing if your tan is too dark to be lasered safely.

RESPONSE: Before starting your treatment, your LaserLight Technician uses a tool that passively “reads” the amount of pigment in the area of skin you want treated, so that we can determine if there is too much tan for a safe treatment. We frequently perform test spots, too, to help us to make a good determination.

MYTH #3: You cannot go out into the sun after getting a laser treatment.

RESPONSE: Use sunscreen on the treated area.  A laser treatment — whether for hair removal or for removal of skin imperfections — can make your skin a little more vulnerable to the harmful rays of the sun. We give you a detailed set of aftercare instructions to help you to protect your skin in the sun effectively — which includes using hats, clothing and sunscreen.

After all, isn’t it often the point of lasering, that you feel confident to bare more of your skin in the summer weather?

Our recommendations? Talk to us. Be calm and laser this summer.

Call 781-871-2224

Five Reasons to Start Your Laser Hair Removal Program Now

  1. Warm weather coming – promise: You start shedding layers of clothing as summer approaches, and your skin will look better and feel smoother without unwanted hair in unwanted places.
  2. Sooner begun, sooner done: It takes six to eight laser treatments, spaced about four weeks apart (eight week spacing for legs and backs) to achieve clearance of unwanted hair in a given area.  If you start in February, by Memorial Day you will have half the desired hair gone!  Start the first week in February, and by the end of June you will have had five treatments — three if you chose legs or back!
  3. Give up Proven Failures: You are tired of tweezing, shaving, waxing and threading – all of which guarantee that the hair will grow back, and require frequent treatments.  Only electrolysis and laser have FDA clearance to give you permanent hair removal.  And while our LaserLight lasers can permanently disable gobs of hair follicles in each pulse, electrolysis requires delivering a galvanic shock to one hair at a time, making it painful and very tedious.
  4. Results Matter: Year after year, our clients have voted LaserLight Best of the Best for Laser Hair Removal in its region.  Do you want your body treated with our 12 years of experience, ongoing laser training, and Certified Laser Technician credentials?  Or will you settle for someone with inferior equipment and little formal training or experience?
  5. Act fast, pay less: If you buy your starting laser hair removal package in February, you can get a one-time, 50 percent off deal!  No group coupons to keep track of, no long drive or trip to a place you know little about – and no worries about getting a sub-par treatment because the facility cuts corners to offset 90 percent discounts.  Even if you get big savings at LaserLight, we believe that you get a great deal only if you get our very best in service!