Mandatory Safety Practices for Workplaces: New Details for Your Safety

coronavirusTo give you an idea of what to expect, here are the requirements and what we are planning to do to meet them:


  • The six-foot rule takes precedence both inside and outside the facility, but during your treatment your treatment provider will wear a mask and face shield to achieve distancing.
  • We have changed the traffic pattern inside the facility, and eliminated some of the furniture.
  • Signs posted on the windows and inside the facility remind all of us of the rules designed to keep everyone safe until the day we have treatments to bio-distance us all from this insipid virus.
  • Requirement for both you and me to wear face coverings to maximize protection for one another. We increased our supply and type of PPE and sanitizing agents. We will make some items available as necessary to accommodate our clients who do not have access to gloves and masks.
  • Except in very rare cases and with pre-approval required, there will never be more than two people in the facility at the same time, further reducing the chances of inadvertent exposure to the virus.


  • We have provided hand sanitizing capability throughout the facility: immediately upon entering, inside the Treatment Room to which you go upon entering, and in the restroom.
  • Our protocols have always required frequent handwashing by employees (me), and a client if inadvertent actions require it.
  • Using approved medical-cleaning supplies, we have always provided regular sanitization of high-touch surfaces such as those in the Treatment Room, bathroom, and for equipment, touchscreens, doorknobs and more. We will now do so even more frequently. We have additionally reduced the number of surfaces that individuals may touch while inside LaserLight. (Watch for our virtual tour, to be posted on LaserLight’s Facebook page soon!)


  • We have self-trained and consulted with medical personnel with expertise in distancing and hygiene protocols, and will continue to keep abreast of any changes that may be instituted by Federal, state and municipal requirements.
  • Should any LaserLight employee, client or other individual display COVID-19 symptoms or test positive for the virus, we will not allow them to enter the facility.
  • We will require all individuals scheduled to use the facility to first complete a checklist assessment for COVID-19 exposure.


  • We have reviewed, updated and will maintain sanitization and cleaning protocols specific to the LaserLight type of business.
  • We developed additional procedures to perform an immediate, deeper cleaning of the facility, should someone diagnosed or recently exposed to the virus inadvertently enter the facility. We will compassionately advise them to exit the premises to take appropriate steps for the safety of all.
  • Disinfection of all common surfaces will be conducted at intervals appropriate to LaserLight, its staff and clientele.

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