Important Information Regarding COVID-19 / Corona Virus Management at LaserLight


Please Read This for Your Peace of Mind and Safety

Owner’s message to LaserLight Clients

coronavirusOver the past few days I have been consulting with clients, LaserLight’s Board of Advisors, and other local business leaders relative to how our clients may be impacted by the public health crisis created by the Covid-19/Corona virus.

We are monitoring the health channels and following the Covid-19 status as it unfolds. We follow the guidelines put forth by the Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control for hygiene, handwashing and preventative measures, which includes social distancing. As you know, LaserLight is a low traffic area with clients getting scheduled only one at a time, thus allotting cleaning time before and after each client.

This newsletter outlines what we are doing at LaserLight to protect you and all personnel who enter our premises. It also provides links to additional information that you may find helpful in maintaining your own health and safety — including a valuable source of information from the nutrition team of one of our business allies about how to boost your immune system in general.

Some of the questions you may find answered in this post include:

•  Will LaserLight remain open during this period of “state of emergency”?
•  What steps will LLSC be taking to protect me if I decide to come in for a laser treatment?
•  Will I be required to do anything different when I visit LLSC?
•  How can I be sure that LLSC will protect me from the Covid-19 virus while I am there?
•  Does the LLSC staff take any additional precautions to shield themselves from the virus?

The Basics: Continuing Preventative Measures

Since opening our doors to the public more than 13 years ago, LaserLight has operated according to and sometimes above requirements for cleanliness. Long before deadly outbreaks of virus or other diseases, we have implemented frequent wipe-downs of all client-contacting surfaces and equipment, using a cleaning agent identified as having “virucidal, bactericidal, tuberculocidal and fungicidal” properties. During this time of unprecedented protective steps for public health and safety, we have since added to our list of surfaces to clean all door knobs, door casings and other surfaces that clients may contact.

You can help yourself by cleaning surfaces that you contact and washing your hands frequently before you even get to LaserLight.

As further self-protection, I will continue to wash my hands between clients, cough into my sleeve if coughing starts, and wash my hands even more frequently. In the past few weeks I have not been outside Plymouth County, further indication that I have limited my exposure. I will wear gloves during your treatment.

We encourage our clients to maintain and even improve their own strong immune system. As a 12-year Business Alliance Member with The Weymouth Club, LaserLight benefits from some of their resources to help you, including a brief Nutrition and Immune System Information compiled by their dieticians.

Many of you have a history of proactive communication with LaserLight. When you have had concerns, you called, Emailed or texted me. Especially now, when we have found a good amount of incorrect information out there, don’t simply react to or spread a rumor or word-of-mouth that you’ve “heard something.” Let’s connect and review it together.

Guidelines if you are ‘not feeling great’ on the day of your laser treatment

First and foremost, we cannot guarantee that we can protect anyone entirely from getting this virus, or any other sickness for that matter. Hopefully the information in this newsletter will give you a level of confidence in what preventative steps we are taking on your behalf while you are at LaserLight; but ultimately no one can absolutely guarantee that if you do everything that authorities recommend, you will remain virus free or illness free.

If you are not feeling well, please call us a few hours before your appointment to discuss your symptoms and whether or not, or when, it would be a good idea to come in for your treatment.

At minimum, when you come to LaserLight we will ask you to wash your hands, and I will have washed mine and will wear gloves. Under the protection of confidentiality that the HIPPA regulation affords you, we will expect to ask you if you have had any of the symptoms that have been connected to a Covid-19 infection. We may ask if you have been tested, and if yes, we will ask further if your test results were negative for Covid-19. We may have to decline to treat you.

We’re coming up on allergy season. For your own safety as well as the safety of others who may visit LaserLight, it’s important to know the following relative to various symptoms of a cold/allergy versus flu/coronavirus:

Cold or allergies: itchy eyes, stuffy nose, sneezing
Flu or coronavirus: fever, fatigue, body aches, cough, worsening symptoms
Coronavirus (additional symptoms): shortness of breath, recent travel, suspected exposure

Please note that I am prone to allergies at this time of year, and my most frequent symptom is a dry cough. Rest assured that if at any time I suspect that I have had a viral exposure, I will put your needs first and let you know about it. If you’re not feeling well and not sure if you should come in for your treatment, reach out to me to discuss the information below about what you and I should consider in this situation. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to come in belongs to both you and me: please let me know if you decide not to keep your appointment.

Quarantine, required to work from home, state-of-emergency, mandated closure

Understand there’s a difference between “quarantined” and “required to work from home.” You may see or hear of other clients being here during a time when they would ordinarily be at work. Do not assume it to mean they’re “quarantined.” They may have been allowed or even ordered to work from home to maximize the benefit of social distancing, and may be simply taking advantage of a more flexible work schedule to get their laser treatment. Voice your concerns to me or to them: don’t turn to others and whisper concerns that just might become baseless, hurtful rumors. Certainly consult your own healthcare resources.

What does it mean when the governor declares a “state of emergency”? It grants the Governor and other state officials the power to protect the Commonwealth. It does not automatically mean that schools, businesses and government offices are closed. The Governor may issue executive orders that need to be treated as law. It also allows for the legislature to vote on potential disaster assistance funding and may give the Commonwealth access to federal funds. As for the current state of emergency, its messaging is to increase our awareness about being and remaining healthy as individuals and as a community.

One of the chief tools to stop or reduce the transmission of the highly contagious Covid-19 virus is the management of “social distancing,” or keeping at least six feet away from others. For now, it is voluntary, but at any time that the facts warrant it, authorities such as the governor can mandate closure of specific events, businesses, and other situations when lots of people may come in close contact. Unless the state or the town of Norwell mandates us to close, we will remain open and operating. We can act as a support system for our community!

We all need to be informed and kept in the loop of the latest information:

The following two links address important facts to know about the Covid-19 virus and possible misunderstandings during sensitive times like this. We encourage you to search for and follow the latest, most authoritatively sound guidelines that you can find, and we welcome you to share them with us.

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